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Recent Posts

The In-Between

The In-Between

A friend of mine who has acted in various ATYP productions suggested that I enter the National Studio and Where in the World competitions. With no previous experience writing for the theater, I figured I had nothing to lose. The in-between is a personal, honest confession. I sought to arti[...]
The Second Act, Scene 7  – Compass

The Second Act, Scene 7 – Compass

Welcome to my last edition of The Second Act for 2013! 2013 has been one jam-packed shopping trolley of a year, crammed with some nutritious loaves of wholemeal bread, some decadent iced vovos, some of those infuriating difficult-to-split-open pistachio nuts, and a few mixed salads with exotic th[...]
WITW: Something Blue

WITW: Something Blue

When I consider the idea of ‘place’, my mind automatically goes to placement rather than location.  Instead of a football field, or school, or the Arc de Triomphe, I think of place settings and coming last and the role one plays in a group.  As such, I decided to write about a wedding not only becau[...]
The stars of RE:BOOT

The stars of RE:BOOT

 Ahead of the launch of RE:BOOT, our mashup of Joanna Erskine's scorching monologue BOOT,  here's a chance to meet three of the stars, and find out why and how they got involved.MOLLY THOMPSONMolly Thompson is a 16 year old student at Blaxland High school, in the Blue Mountains.I came across [...]
WITW: Nest

WITW: Nest

Our fourth finalist for WHERE IN THE WORLD is Nest by Angela Collins. Flying solo can be tough...especially when you get stuck. The truth? I wrote this monologue solely so I could justify putting my sister up a tree. Calm down, I’m kidding... yep. The idea for NEST, as corny as this sounds, [...]