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FRESH INK is the development program for emerging playwrights from the Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp).

Across the year, through a range of masterclasses, workshops, one-to-one mentoring opportunites and our annual National Studio, we work with young writers to develop their work and their appreciation of the craft of writing for the stage.

We also provide new writers with opportunities to meet key figures of the Australian stage, while on our Fresh Ink blog,  we post regular new writings from leading playwrights and theatremakers about their creative process.

Check out our programs, and how you can get involved, here.

FRESH INK also runs an annual monologue writing program, THE VOICES PROJECT, presenting new work from our young writers on stage, on page, on film and online. Details, here.

 FRESH INK is made possible through the generous support of the Graeme Wood Foundation and the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL).