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I’m not the one to talk to 
Talk to her
I don’t need to
I don’t want to
That’s not true
That’s not true
Did she say that? 
Did she say that to you?

Dana, BOOT

What is BOOT?

is the story of betrayed friendship and terrible secrets, as told by Dana in a scorching monologue by Joanna Erskine, one of the hottest of Australia’s emerging playwrights.

Originally part of the stage show THE VOICES PROJECT 2011: TELL IT LIKE IT ISN’T, BOOT has quickly established itself as one of the most widely used monologue pieces for auditioning actors and HSC Drama Students in Australia, with even young male actors flipping the gender of Dana so that they can tackle the piece. BOOT has also been filmed by both Damien Power in an adaptation by Joanna Erskine and as a piece-to-camera by Laura Scrivano (and performed by Laura Hopkinson, recreating her stage role). 

What is RE:BOOT (2013)?

is a mashup of 10 performers from all across Australia, playing Dana/Dan, as writer by Joanna Erskine in the monologue BOOT. From December 2012 to February 2013 actors (male and female) filmed themselves (or got their friends to film them) performing Jo’s original monologue, direct to camera. 

Director Laura Scrivano is now mashing them together for RE:BOOT, premiering on the Fresh Ink site in November 2013.

RE:BOOT is a generation of young actors performing one of the roles of a generation.

Says Joanna:

The response to BOOT has been incredible. Since it was first performed I’ve been contacted by so many young people who connect with Dana and her story on many levels. It makes me a very proud playwright to know that young people out there are bringing Dana to life each year, interpreting her voice anew every time. That those words on the page live on and evolve with each new voice. I can’t wait to hear from all the Danas/Dans out there for RE:BOOT.

Says Laura:
The opportunity to re-imagine Joanna Erskine’s BOOT using original, diverse, crowdsourced performances from young people is a thrilling challenge. The mash-up and re-mix are staples of music videos and the YouTube generation – I’m excited to take this to the next level and create a mash up of a dramatic monologue with RE:BOOT. It’s a wonderful opportunity for emerging performers to showcase their skills and have their voices heard.

Read the Original Monologue
RE:BOOT premieres online in November 2013.

that’s it

that’s all I remember

can I go

can I go

can I 

Writer Joanna Erskine talks about the writing and making of BOOT below (spoilers!)

And you can watch the original monologue, BOOT, directed by Laura Scrivano, and performed by the original ‘Dana‘, Laura Hopkinson, here, BUT we don’t want you to just copy Laura’s brilliant performance.

You can also watch Damien Power’s film adaptation of BOOT, below.

Watch BAT EYES, also by Damien Power, here.