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Hunger (2013)

Read The Original Monologue
HUNGER was developed as part of THE VOICES PROJECT.


Sam puts everything into his work. Everything.

In HUNGER Sam, a young apprentice chef, gives his all to make it big in the kitchen.


A dark, nightmarish journey into Hell’s Kitchen, HUNGER combines the extraordinary poetic text of Brooke Robinson and the startling cinematography, editing and sound design of leading Australian music video and commercial director Stephen McCallum in a production for THE VOICES PROJECT from the Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp).

Writer Brooke Robinson, director Stephen McCallum and performer Tom Stokes talk about the writing and making of HUNGER below.


Tom Stokes as Sam (Read an interview with Sam, here)
Directed by Stephen McCallum (Read an interview with Stephen, here)
From the original monologue HUNGER by Brooke Robinson (Read an interview with Brooke, here)

Producer: Dan Prichard
Cinematographer: Tim Barnsley
Editor: Rocky Amaranto
Composer: Damien Lane 
Sound Design: Laurie McCallum, Rob Stephens

Listen to Brooke, Stephen and Tom talking about the making of HUNGER, alongside the STICK creative team, below.

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