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The Language of Love (2013)

Please note: all media enquires about the film or regarding interviews with the team should be made through the contact form for this site. If you work with LGBTI youth, and and want to use the film in your work, we would be thrilled – do let us know.

Writer/performer Kim Ho, director Laura Scrivano and playwright Tommy Murphy talk about the writing and making of THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE below. 


Read the full text here

The aim was to pick up chicks by sounding like a Frenchman. Hasn’t really worked out yet

In THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, 17 year old Charlie struggles to find the words to be true to himself…and his best friend. 


Read Kim on THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, here
. Listen to an interview with Kim on PRI’s The World, below.

Written and performed by Kim Ho, under the mentorship of leading Australian playwright Tommy Murphy, THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE was directed by Laura Scrivano as part of THE VOICES PROJECT from the Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp).  

Need to talk? Here’s some numbers to call.

Or  visit LGBTI youth network Minus18 via its website here.


Kim Ho as Charlie

Directed by Laura Scrivano
Developed from the original monologue, TRANSCENDENCE, by Kim Ho 

Producer: Dan Prichard
Cinematographer: Ross Giardina
 Editor: Anil Griffin
Production Designer: Bethany Ryan
Sound Designer: Declan Diacono
Sound Recordist: Daniel Lustri
Composer: Andrew Scott
Mentor: Tommy Murphy

Listen to an interview with Kim, Laura, Tommy and producer Dan Prichard, below. Watch the original 3 minute monologue TRANSCENDENCE, submitted to our 2012 online writing competition LOVE BYTES,  below.

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